Peace Care March Madness Box Pool Fundraiser

Thank you for all those who are participating in our Peace Care March Madness Box Pool Fundraiser.

Every box on the grid corresponds to one number for the Winning Team and one number for the Losing Team.

Pool 1 – $50 March Madness Box Pool Grid (click here to download)

Pool 2 – $25 March Madness Box Pool Grid (click here to download)

Second Round Winners

Sunday, March 21-Monday, March 22 Games

First Round Winners

Friday, March 19-Saturday, March 20 Games

Leader Board

Box Pool Grids

In the event a game is cancelled, the prize money for that game will be added to prize money for the Championship Final, such as what occurred in the First Round between VCU and Oregon. The NCAA declared that game a no contest, as such, the prize money for that game was added to the Championship Final. If the final game is not able to be played, the prize money will be split amongst all participants. If you have multiple boxes, you will receive multiple shares.

All payouts will be made after the championship game.

Contact Peace Care Development Office with any questions:

E: or

Peace Care St. Ann’s: 201.433.0950 x521

Peace Care St. Joseph’s: 201.653.8300 x2161 or x2454