Long Term Care


…for the body

Comprehensive Services
We offer a complete range of medical services. This begins with attending physicians and skilled nurses. These professionals are supported by our network of medical specialists and physical, occupational and speech therapists.

Creating Your Care Plan
Your Resident Care Plan is a comprehensive document that addresses the unique needs of your body, mind and spirit. Your Care Plan is created by a multidisciplinary team that consists of you, our care professionals and your family.  We cannot stress how vital your family is to this process – their perspective is invaluable. Once the plan is in place, regular meetings are held with you and your family to measure how well your needs are being met and what we can do to serve you better.

… for the spirit

Our pastoral care team is available whenever and wherever help is needed. Regardless of your personal religious belief, you and your family are invited to seek them out for comfort and support or have your own pastor or Rabbi come visit.  Our team’s mission at the Care Center includes regular religious services held in our beautiful Mary Chapel, located just off the first floor lobby. The chapel, which contains stained glass from our original 1900’s chapel, is also open to anyone seeking a place for quiet reflection and relaxation.

… for the mind

Our recreational professionals provide a full range of activities for residents of all levels and interests. Even residents with cognitive impairments participate in our innovative therapy programs, which use familiar sounds and sensations to soothe troubled spirits.